Be One With the Rock

Sometimes I think like a rock. Rocks have been doing what they do, being melted down,  smashed, burped up, exposed to the air, eroded and broken down into dirt for billions of years. Despite the example of the Earth-processes we have become tentatively aware of, we still don’t consider any of the implications of that knowledge. We, human beings, do not live long enough to perceive the passage of time the way, say, a rock does (or, would, if a rock could think…). A sedimentary rock takes thousands of years (and things acting upon it all the while) to become a metamorphic rock, and even longer before it is exposed on the surface for study. Humans live under 120 years, which is little more than a sneeze on the geologic timescale.

This really goes back to my assertion that life “is an uncontrolled biological process, growing unregulated across the surface of the Earth.” It won’t be in my lifetime before that becomes  “regulated growth,” because we have a WAYS to go in our understanding of genetics… and frankly, there’s no current demand to change things. People are fine, for now, as long as there is no massive calamity preventing them from overpopulating the planet.

Back on the topic of rocks, humans have, I have observed, very little understanding of WHAT their environment actually is. I swear to fucking monkey Jesus that I might be the ONLY person on Earth who steps off the plane into a new place and wonders, right off, about the geology of the landscape. I lived on an alluvial fan for the longest fucking time, and considering I prefer minerals and meta-morphology, you can’t even imagine what that was like. GEOLOGY HUMOR? Get the fuck out of town! No, seriously, go…

We grow like mold on bread. Spreading, spreading, spreading with no hope of being controlled, downsized or properly maintained. I believe that, at this point, slow deterioration seems inevitable, but calamity or tremendous self-inflicted disaster may cause the sort of change I’ve been alluding to. Humans are out of control, and could use a HUGE reset. And perhaps they will have one, the sky God sure knows there are tons of fucking ways to kill humans on the Earth. Or fuck up their cities, which they stupidly build in arbitrary, dumb, ill-conceived places. Someone will probably pay the price for a decision made back when explorers WALKED to new areas, and had like a stick and some food and a bedroll, and drew their maps with charcoal on leaves and bark. Probably didn’t know much about global geology and plate tectonics… just a guess.

Well, it’s been fun chatting. As you can see, I have strange thoughts. I like to express my vastly different perspective on the world. Humans are totally fleeting, and largely irrelevant. During this time, many will struggle and die and be utterly erased from genetic existence. just too many fucking people on the planet, no pun intended.

So, think about that. Think like a rock. What’s the long term implication? THINK.