Crime Stoppers on Alert

I’m awake at 1:24 am today, much to my dismay. But fortunately I was awake just in tome to see what I was SURE was a group of men trying to get into people’s cars right outside my window. I was sure enough to call 911 and inform them of what I saw. I would normally not do so, but I JUST READ a sign above the mailboxes that had information about a car being broken into. I also distinctly heard one of the men shout “hey, this one’s open!”

So, “I went in the back room and called the law.”

And the police came out and called me on the phone, instead of interviewing me, since it’s fucking butt-hole-thirty am right now. But anyway, I just wanted to be SURE that there wasn’t any repeat of someone having their shit stolen. It’s happened to me before, so I really sympathize. I am sincerely interested in insuring that crime does not fester because of lackadaisical community members. Fuck criminals. If I had my way, they would either be rehabilitated correctly to participate healthily in society, or shot in the fucking head with 1 bullet. Or, would you rather pay ten thousand dollars an hour per “inmate” sitting on death-row waiting to die? Which is more cost-effective? Am I spending YOUR tax dollars wisely by keeping someone alive who I intend to kill at a later date, and I also have no real reason to delay but will? Which makes more sense to you?

Again, I proclaim that a return to the Feudal System would put some fucking spice back into this sad ass country. Make it all about classes and indentured servitude. You want to be a shithead your whole life? YOU my friend, get to be a Serf… now go scoop some filth.

I believe that people, in general, take their existence for granted because it is usually never threatened. They have no reason to have any attenuated senses (intellect, as well as common-sense included), and are genuinely uncaring about the relevant issues that impede the likelihood of human longevity.

You NEED a “King” (though, if it were me, I’d prefer to be called [more accurate to the position’s function] “Dictator Tyrant”) to smash people who don’t belong in the system, or who stand against it for no good reason. Albeit, though deadly force is our tool against opposing elements, we are still FUNDAMENTALLY and PURELY Democratic, in the sense we are willing to change what does not work, based on what is good for the WHOLE. We are ALL interested in participating, and are not a part of the “free-ride” program of governmental responsibility. The system I impose should be open to change, BUT NOT COMPROMISE. That’s exactly the thing that I believe will ultimately destroy the American way of life, as it stands now. It would be governmental collapse of integrity based on a policy of having overspent the value of the dollar, ans shrived consumer confidence in the economy. It may well happen… but who fucking knows? Shoot me a text if you do.

What RISES from the ashes is what concerns me, because THIS whole way of doing things things is clearly untenable. Something is going to give, and dramatic change is likely to ensue. I know people with disabilities, in my “King” led world, would largely be eradicated by NOT being  allowed to breed, at least. No reason to kill people if they are not spreading genetic diseases, and not hurting anyone. BiPolar people are still pretty damn creative, and so do other mentally ill people. For each unique insight our genetic randomness has shown (even the problematic ones), there is a reason for observation and understanding. We who suffer symptoms can cope, most of the time, and are primarily interested in being alive.

I know that, in time,. the only real way to cure BiPolar disorder is to stop giving it to people (via my genes). Well, I have not made another person so far, and I do not intend to. I just SEE the issue, not the solution. I see pieces of a potentially awful, poop-city collapse, but when and how it all unfolds, only time and her mistress calamity shall ring the bell, and when it rings out, know that it tolls for thee.

And so, time marches on.