My Real Time Strategy (RTS) Preferences

Unlike most “games” where the object is more often, point, shoot, medpack, run, lever, door, shoot… I prefer a style of game-play that FULLY ENGAGES me on multiple levels, with keen multitasking requirements as well as options that allow for stylistic expression. These are the requirements for any “up to snuff” Real Time Strategy game.

PC RTS has a great and very well-established history. For me, it begins with perhaps one of the greatest RTS games ever released: Total Annihilation. 1996 was a good year for the RTS genre, and it grew pretty exponentially from that point forward. Once in the mainstream, however, complexity and intricacy began to rapidly drop off, because most people are actually too fucking dumb to handle the mental requirements of an RTS. A real RTS, one that has lots of buttons and clicky things, will enable a much more capable person to task SEVERAL different projects at once. From building, unit production and then fully upgrading economic and military technology. THEN you actually have to go out there, fight, counter, MM your units, and of course, win.

It’s not for an idiot, clearly. You think and act fast, or you die and don’t have any fun, as I’m sure the initial customer complaints back at Cavedog Entertainment read…

RTS games make you think, and in a world of “if I click the mouse this dude will explode into bloody chunks” sort of games  (while these have their place, even in my world, they are NOT mentally constructive, so use at your own risk), it’s no wonder NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK I’M TALKING ABOUT.

I rotate between 3 – 4 RTS games a year. Usually the same 4 cycling through, sometimes another one pops in there. I’m fucking picky, ok? When I get tired of one, I install the other and play that until my eyeballs bleed out. I usually mod said game with the latest greatest end-user fan patch, which typically adds some “fuck yeah dude!” to an older game.

Current Rankings

1. Dawn of War: Soulstorm

2. Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties

3. Battle for Middle Earth II: Rise of the Witch King

4. Total Annihilation (CC and BT)

5. Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

6. Star Craft: Brood War

I’m so small a market, I might actually be the only person in it.