Week 9

Quite possibly going 0 – 2 this week, but really hoping for 1 – 1. I’d like to hold first in Li’l Y, but that might be coming to an end as well, sadly. I hope I still make the playoffs. Phil thinks I will. I have, again, doubts.

Bailey league is anyone’s at this point.
Wish me luck. Randall Cobb, Marshawn Lynch and Pierre Thomas, be productive.

One thought on “Week 9

  1. 2-0 instead.

    Fuck bro, I’m good at this. Eat it bitches. Next week, I MUST CLOBBER THE UNK. No question, he’s still a douche, and I have to beat his overbearing ass back to 4th place.

    Marshawn Lynch: +35 fp
    Randal Cobb: +25 fp
    Pierre Thomas: ALL POINTS BONUS, games already won

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