Plain and Simple

Clear out my answers and see how YOU look on paper.

  1. Called: Westin Eric Bailey
  2. Height: 6′ 3″
  3. Weight: 227 lbs
  4. Demeanor: Passive Jester
  5. Character: Humble Poet
  6. Self-Image: Bottom-Dweller
  7. Attributes (5): Wiry, Dexterous, Witty, Intelligent, Creative
  8. Nature: Lover
  9. Abilities (2): Technologically Inclined, Philosophically Optimistic
  10. Human vs. Animal Ratio?: Human 79% Animal 21%

Which best suits you?

  1. Fight or Flight?: Flight
  2. Brawn or Brains?: Brains
  3. Truth or Dare?: Truth
  4. Sky or Horizon?: Sky
  5. Introverted or Extroverted?: Extroverted
  6. Night or Day?: Day
  7. Red or Blue?: Blue
  8. Yellow or Green?: Yellow
  9. Risk or Reserved?: Risk
  10. Lies or Honesty?: Honesty

One word.

  1. Who you are now?: Learning
  2. Who you want to be?: Stable
  3. What is the best part of you?: Passion
  4. What is your biggest flaw?: Naive
  5. What drives you?: Pride
  6. What inspires you?: Love
  7. What is your conscience like?: Mentor
  8. Who were you?: Scared
  9. What do others see in you?: Hope
  10. What do you see in yourself?: Humility

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