My First Poem is 20 Years Old

Seriously, this is the first poem I ever wrote, 20 years ago. I was 8. It was before Microsoft Word, and decrypted from a old WordPerfect now extinct file type. I first present the poem in its original unedited glory, as typed, by me, 7450 days ago today.

Sacred Shadows

In    the   midnight   glow.    a    crie   of   deth.   A   soden
flaer     thers     fire     in     the    aie.    It   thins  of  us   soe
dangerous     but    we    are    bkus.   Sacret  Shadows   upon   the   walls
youl  finde     deth    cmes    shoety    fo   you   bkus    you   are  not
dangerous.     My  name    is   michael   jackson  wat   are   you doing to my
home?  You   are   brning. Thes    is   are  planet. Ho  sacred shadows  upon
The  walls.  youl   finde   deth    coms   shoety  fo  you  bkus you  are  not
dangerous.  The    flame deseperde.     long   lost   sol of  a  ded   man.



My Dad added a”translation” and note to the file, in an effort to make some sense of the insane chicken scrawl above.

This is Eric’s first poem translated into the stodgy, predictable 
format in which all “good” poetry is presented. To appreciate
fully the creative and unharnessed manner that an imaginative
8-year-old mind takes for granted, read the unedited original
version that follows.

I wanted to put my original poem up there first because, it’s, um, THE BEST. Here’s the interpretation provided by Daddo:


In the midnight glow, a cry of death;
A sudden flare- there’s fire in the air.
It thinks of us so dangerous
But we are because.
Sacred Shadows upon the walls
You’ll find death comes shortly for you
Because you are not dangerous.
My name is michael jackson
What are you doing to my home?
You are burning.
This is our planet.
Oh sacred shadows upon the walls,
You’ll find death comes shortly for you
Because you are not dangerous.
The flame disappeared.
Long lost soul of a dead man.


I think that’s fucking hilarious. I’m so fucking BiPolar. Even when I was a mini-me. Ha! Classic.