40 Days And Struggling HARD

We Haven’t gone below the normal line, but we’re headed that way in a big god damn hurry. I’m holding on, restless, perturbed, and seemingly hated by the general public. I’m an unreasonably retarded asshole most of the time, which is why I have no friends, no social life, and only one brave soul on my team who gives a shit.


2 thoughts on “40 Days And Struggling HARD

  1. Fuck yeah. Circumstantially however, this is like the single hardest thing I have ever tried to do, and I have a feeling it goes the same for you. 4.

    • Yes. The hardest problem, for me, is perspective. With you in my life, I can SEE my lapses, because you reflect them to me. And I do the same for you. We make a good team, but we NEED to be here together to make it work correctly. Hang in there buttonpants. We’re almost done with this part…

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