35 Hours

I start a very regular 7 hours a day, 5 days a week shift today. This WILL result in periodic neglect of this place, as I had warned earlier. I intend to handle my stress and continue to rely on my  blog as a coping mechanism and creative release. Sadly, content will suffer, and become far less faucet-like. Maybe this is better. Maybe not. I will still be out here, just, slower, as my life ramps-up to full speed.

As they would say in the Apollo space program: “See you on the flip-side, Houston.”

Somewhat Explained?

Images (especially landscapes) that inspire introspection, or interpretive awe, become a way by which I make incarnate the volume of emotions contained within. Although these places truly exist; the bent lens by which I have seen them illuminates a secret perspective: so twinged by a unique view of the symbolism empowering my own non-physical reality (then made tangible). For me, photographs steal the breath of thought and make it real for my eyes, and hopefully, yours too.


Running the rampant hands,
Tender-like scraping–
Dashing dance
Burning with cheek-heat.
Holding on to the bark
Of tree-limbs

Fractured scales
Tipping wanton
Groan to the sky
With rumbling eyelids

Off on a tangent
Standing in the forest
Behind the sounds of trees
Breathing slowly

Pass the dusk in night
Wander in dreams

In thee

A Parting Look…

I’ve logged 61 days in my mood log, and counting off a new one every day. I intend to keep doing it every day, but I have no time to write a journal entry for each one, just a numerical score. This is the last look at my moods over the period beginning 11/20/12 and going on into the foreseeable future. Real life is hard, and it hurts, and I get (and always will get) symptomatic, from time to time. It’s the nature of the beast. Fortunately, I no longer face the world alone.

I’m in the best company I know of. And I am proud of my life. Farewell, for now, blog.

Final Snip

Sleep Mode

Goodbye for a while, blog. I have too much going on in my world now to pay much attention to you. I’m sorry about that. But really, I’m glad I don’t need you as much anymore. I’m doing great. Healthy, happy, loved and busy.

See you next crisis.


Strewn in shades,

Dancing mouths, glance–

Trade the heat.

Soft, but meaningful,

Resplendent eyes,


Radiant in twilit hours,

Down a rabbit-hole of delight.

Pondering openness–

Gauging the want,

In measured angles,

Appreciated in newness,

Though drawing on unknown sources.


Upon the plain ground simmers–

The burrowing ears of time.

Whisked away like so much broom-dust.

Toweled off in ragged breaths–

Still sultry and wet.

Down by dewy river-trees,

Crisping come dawn.


The night was not the same again.