35 Hours

I start a very regular 7 hours a day, 5 days a week shift today. This WILL result in periodic neglect of this place, as I had warned earlier. I intend to handle my stress and continue to rely on my  blog as a coping mechanism and creative release. Sadly, content will suffer, and become far less faucet-like. Maybe this is better. Maybe not. I will still be out here, just, slower, as my life ramps-up to full speed.

As they would say in the Apollo space program: “See you on the flip-side, Houston.”

Somewhat Explained?

Images (especially landscapes) that inspire introspection, or interpretive awe, become a way by which I make incarnate the volume of emotions contained within. Although these places truly exist; the bent lens by which I have seen them illuminates a secret perspective: so twinged by a unique view of the symbolism empowering my own non-physical reality (then made tangible). For me, photographs steal the breath of thought and make it real for my eyes, and hopefully, yours too.


Running the rampant hands,
Tender-like scraping–
Dashing dance
Burning with cheek-heat.
Holding on to the bark
Of tree-limbs

Fractured scales
Tipping wanton
Groan to the sky
With rumbling eyelids

Off on a tangent
Standing in the forest
Behind the sounds of trees
Breathing slowly

Pass the dusk in night
Wander in dreams

In thee

A Parting Look…

I’ve logged 61 days in my mood log, and counting off a new one every day. I intend to keep doing it every day, but I have no time to write a journal entry for each one, just a numerical score. This is the last look at my moods over the period beginning 11/20/12 and going on into the foreseeable future. Real life is hard, and it hurts, and I get (and always will get) symptomatic, from time to time. It’s the nature of the beast. Fortunately, I no longer face the world alone.

I’m in the best company I know of. And I am proud of my life. Farewell, for now, blog.

Final Snip