The Blame Game

An employee (disgruntled) bashed the company I work for on our public email service, informing all the company of his resignation, indignation and outrage. While unfounded, it shook a lot of people up, I imagine. I had this to say in response; emailed it directly to the owner of the company:

Every day that I get to come in to work, I am both thankful and proud. Personal responsibility is a big deal to me. I take care of my life outside work, my well-being and the issues involved in that; I do not expect the company to be accountable for the random or self-induced calamity involved in my personal domain. I agreed, when I joined Tech 2U, that I would provide a service, use my skills and learn, every day, how to be a better employee. It is my personal responsibility to do those things, as per our implicit understanding when I joined this team. I am very happy working for you, and thankful that you would consider expanding my role as a member of a company I am boastful about belonging to.

So, honestly and truly, thank you John. Every hire is a gamble on whether or not your decision will work out for the benefit of the company. I want you to know, personally, that I try hard every day, and will not stop holding myself to a rigorous standard. I aspire to achieve, and want you to be reassured in your decision to hire me. I am grateful, humble and appreciative.

With thanks

Westin Eric Bailey

My mega-boss had this to say in reply:

Thanks Westin. We’re really glad to have you on the team and very proud of the job you’re doing for Tech 2U.

Todd and I are very disappointed in the actions of one of our employees, Mike H, who sent a very inappropriate email last night so it was very nice to read this message from you this morning.  I really appreciate it Westin and I appreciate your good values, virtues and loyalty.  If you ever need anything, just let me know.

Would you do me a favor and resend this email addressed to me and Todd (after all Todd is the greatest partner anyone could ever have and I could never run this business without him) and to TECH2U_ALL. I think it would be a good morale boost for the rest of the crew since everyone was unexpectedly put in an awkward position by Mike H.  I think Tech 2U will get a lot of good responses and turn a negative into a positive today :)



I was happy to share my thoughts with everyone, and did. I am also a good person, and stand for things. This happens to be a place of not compromising, for me. Period. I give my best, and will continue to do so for as long as they let me.