Birdy and I are playing Unreal Tournament (the first one). And BOY DO I REGRET IT. I am now REGULARLY PWNED by her, as she has become rediculously accurate with the Flak Cannon. Not much to do there but get my shit handed to me, consistently, regardless of my weapon selection.


Far and away the leader with that weapon, and leader overall with a weapon, period.

I USED to be good, and my numbers reflect SOME of that goodness. I guess I need to figure out a way to own her without getting anywhere near the constant death that is my fiance.


I guess this is good… but I was able to do this PRIMARILY while she was getting better. Before the rise of JaxMaster, I used to have some STELLAR games. Just, crazy.

Settings on our server look like this: 75 frags and you WIN OUTRIGHT, but leader after 10 minutes is automatically champion.

NO Redeemer, No Relic of Vengance (but all the others), Chainsaw Melee (fuck the Impact Hammer), Translocator, 12 players total (10 – 11 bots).

Particularly proud of this line:


I had 11 deaths, and at least 2 of those were self-inflicted. Nice.

I’ll let you know IF I can put a stop to her rampages. Not counting on it though.