Ridiculous Frozen Water Behaviors

So, it snowed in the local mountains, and since Birdy has never actually been in the snow, we pretty much had to go.

But who is the bigger idiot in the snow?

What That Taste Like

Think I have the market cornered on stupid.


Yes, I just did that.

Ad it only gets better…

Boy Meets Snow

A good example of someone who is not going totally insane because the water on the ground is frozen. But still pretty fucking excited:

First Snow Face

And then there’s me…

About to Regret

Just a couple of dorks enjoying the snow. Hope you enjoyed the freak-show…

Cold Dorks

3 thoughts on “Ridiculous Frozen Water Behaviors

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I agree with you two. It’s joy, especially for the coastal-desert native I am. Snow is special.

    Bruising your rib on a frozen rock, however is not joy. In fact, my idiocy often proves to be a great deal more pain than excitement. And then regret. =(

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