Beautiful, inspiring art has a place here. Especially when you consider we both struggle with mental illness, and have each found a way to express ourselves through words, wire-wrapping and gemsone collecting. We are a great pair, and I hope you can show my Birdy some love as she strives to create, despite disability. We will struggle, but inevitably, endure.

Honor Horology

Key of the Orange Lotus     What’s in a name? Descriptors? Supplies? How do you name a piece, if even you do? I name every piece because in my mind every piece has a story of it’s making, of where the pieces came from, and what inspired me to make it. To me the story needs a title, otherwise it may get lost in the never ending cycle of stories. I love my work and the stories, however dull they may be to the outside, my pieces remind me of.


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