The Day, The Night

I have been experiencing some instability lately. Things at work are hard… been grinding myself pretty hard… perhaps taking things too seriously for my own good. I wonder about my future. I wonder about the integrity of my situation. Do I have what it takes to be successful… I guess I worry. Maybe it’s for my protection that I am constantly concerned; I’ve been down the path of failure before.

On the bright side: literally, another meteor lit up the sky over the east coast, specifically Massachusetts and Delaware… FUCK. This is a troubling sign. IN MY OPINION, life is a fragile balance, then we get something that causes the balance to change. I don’t like the thought of my proximity to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a BIG FUCKING TARGET. And we would probably never even see it impact, as the space is just so fucking vast. We WOULD notice a 3 mile high tsunami though. I would have almost no place to run to. I have a plan to just get on the 8 and drive east… but fuck… how do you outrun the end of the world?

We are balanced somewhere in a twilight of existence. Teetering on the terminator between night and day.

I worry, because we have reason to worry.

There are things happening out there that are FAR beyond our control. And we have to do the best we can, when the time comes, to survive.


The Earth’s surface is 71.11% liquid water. On it’s own, the Pacific Ocean is 35% of that water. Jesus fucking guacamole christ… I’m not making this shit up. We have a real problem here people. The sooner you realize that, the better chance you have of surviving, though, I give myself about a 1 in 100 chance (being adequately warned) for making it out of San Diego alive if a large meteor were to strike somewhere in the Pacific. Maybe 1 in 1000, depending on it’s overall size. Anything bigger than a house in overall size, and we would surely die.

2 thoughts on “The Day, The Night

  1. “I’ve been down the path of failure before.”

    That hit me pretty hard. It’s a sentiment that pretty much defines how I feel about my life so far.

    • As it does for those of us mired in self-hate. I am lifting myself out of that mentality, but it is very, very hard to do.

      Lots of therapy, consistent meds and a good environment are all key to being free of said burden.

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