In a Days

I have been so occupied with my life, that often times I forget to slow down and count the sheep. So here I am, writing out my curious thoughts on doing my life. When reaching a level-platform of health, I find I can push myself to foreign limits, much to my surprise, of course. I am doing  very well. Striving, every single day, to offer my best at my job, my love, my health and life. I struggle sometimes, breaking down with sadness, or aching for rest, but this is part of what we do in being alive. Things that are difficult are worth earning, because the rewards are great; freedom of action and choice. These things have incomprehensible value. I choose the direction of my existence. I am the decider.

The great joy of my life is my wife Jacqueline. She is my shining star, my center of understanding and my whole heart’s driving devotion. I trust her implicitly. I value her stability and comfort. She is WORKING FULL TIME NOW. Holy crap, right? We are both chugging away, and making our life happen together. I can’t tell you how positive and rewarding it is to be active, healthy and doing something to forward the quality of my furry little life. I am revitalized in a positive environment, and constantly growing/changing/adapting.

As circumstance would have it, healthy and busy is where I strive to be, and have. thus far, achieved. There is always work to be done on behalf of progress, mind you. I’m not complacent, or sated. Continuing to improve is what adds definition to my life.

I wish you all the very best. I hope you can see, through the annals of this blog, that I have gone from a poor, unhealthy state, to a triumphant return to success. BOOYA! I mark my progress over the last year as a HUGE reason to feel proud of myself, and a positive-reinforcing motivation to continue to have constantly improving self-confidence. I can’t describe to you how special it is when you TRULY believe in who you are. When doubt and hatred of my inner-self pass away, negated by a history of success and prideful deeds. I wish for all of you to feel that feeling, of looking back at the progress you have made, and telling yourself: “I did this work to improve my life, and I feel proud that I tried hard, every day, to do my best to be well, healthy and respectful of who I am.”

Peace be with you, blogosphere. For now, I have a day off, and I intend to enjoy it thoroughly. I earned it, after all.






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