Gasping For Fumes

I’m awake running on less than 3 hours of (total) sleep. Plus, we just lost an hour here on the United States west coast. Good ‘ol nonsensical DST.

I don’t know what I’m doing. I feel utterly blasted to useless chunks… and then, aware that I am still here, still alive.

I just vomited on a nearly empty stomach. Symptoms of existence made manifest. Lost amidst rampant thoughts. How did it get here? HOW DID IT COME TO THIS?

Slowly moving towards something forbiddingly unknown. I don’t much like not having a single reasonable idea where my life is now headed.

I am likely done with San Diego again, and heading up to Silicon Valley in search of a Tech/IT career position. Market is wide open up there.

I like NorCal. It’s not a blissful desert paradise. Which is mind-numbing and placid… never changing, and no rain. Boo.

I’d like to be farther from the Southern Section of the San Andreas Fault as well. There is going to be a huge fucking earthquake down here soon, and I want no part of it.

Some PC Gaming topics before I go (because it takes my mind off of things):



When will the Edain MOD team release 4.0? Like never?

On that note, Where is UA 1.73? MIA? I’m like exploding having to wait 2 months beyond scheduled release.

What’s a good B.O. for AOE2 first 5 – 15 minutes? I go like dis:

Buildings: 2x Home, 1x Lumber, 1x Mill, Barracks if there is time (or during age)

Villagers (3): 1 on choppy choppy from the get-go, 1 builds 1x house and 1x mill then goes to hunted food, 1 goes hunted food until out of things to eat, all additionals are split hunters, choppers.

Scout: Returns an average of 400 food in capture-ables. Locate 2 relics minimum.

Age to Feudal (500 F)