Fly Away Little Birdy

My Mom’s reaction to things accidentally ended up on my blog. So I gave it over to her and have it here if you wanted to read it.

Across the Moo-niverse

Although I pride myself as a student of human behavior, I find I am and shall always be naive when it comes to judging people.  I have always believed the best in people and I give them every chance to prove me right, but I am disappointed time and time again.  My heart suffers the consequence of my foolish beliefs and ideas about the way people should behave.  I love and trust far too easily.  You’d think that after all the times I allowed myself to believe only to be betrayed, I’d figure it out and toughen up…but no…I am destined to be a sucker and continue to believe.  I only hope that with each painful experience comes a valuable lesson…something that sticks…something that I will remember when the next opportunity walks through my door.  For now, I will wallow in self-pity, drink too much wine, use up a box…

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