that tough spot.

I have no opinion to render, but always hear both sides of the story, once told.

Self Prescribed Creativity

i’ve gotten drunk everyday this week. i havent slept at my apartment in a week. i was kicked out of it two nights ago. can’t say i didnt deserve it. we are getting a divorce. i’d been struggling with my decision ost of this week. i knew it was what i wanted but it’s hard for me to accept something for myself that will harm others in the process.

i think i did what i did to finalize my decision. i tried to tell my husband but in a night everything id said had been unravelled. somehow what i said had turned into nothing. he imagined an apology and a hug would melt away the emotional abuse i’d been enduring for the sake of his mental disabilities.

i had sex with a friend. i hadnt sought it or expected it. i never imagined i’d be an adulterer but it happened…

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