My rescue attempts go to fruitless spoil. She will never see me that way again. I am now the past (and unwelcome). It is me, this is what happens when I try ant take a real person on the ride. It’s a fucking nightmare though. And I don’t see how we really got confused. We are just, something not right anymore. Your decision making abilities are just fucking poor. You chose that uncertain fate versus trying to make it work with your husband? Who still loved you? Who would have taken you back and started over with you? I mean, like, fuck? Why Jax?

I cry to myself and know why it stings when the one who promised you the most was just lying. You just lied? You got bored? Like, what the fuck is your issue in deciding this life I built is now not what you want. You are making bad bad choices, like getting drunk while depressed. It’s only getting worse.

I hope you find a way out of this limbo life. Or if you have really scored in life and found a bunch of rich people just begging to take care of you, then hey, I’m still a cuckold either way. Cheated on while sleeping in a psych ward hospital bed. That’s low babe. I mean woah.

But I forgive you for this, and your total abandonment of our life together. I forgive you. Why hold on to it. Let it go.

Good luck out there. Please call before you come over, we need only to coordinate how to get your things and cats out of the apartment by the 8th of April.



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