DEFN. *uneditable*

I just have to write as I go, and publish what comes out without holding pattern or redaction. I’m a writer in my heart, but this bitch still goes to bed with the editor. “You shook me all night long” with proper use of commas. So, I will follow the rule, and not delete, smash, abolish, or otherwise over-scrutinize my words by deleting things I do when I write unfiltered-ly. “On my signal… unleash hell.”

Will do  Maximus…


Somewhere between 225 – 265 lbs, so, it is an imposing silhouette if it needs to be (as long as you don’t mind the puppy-dog outline). I have short brown hair on my head.  More often a goatee or possibly some chops. My dimple is on my right. Tee Hee.

I have cool ocean blue eyes that sparkle but revile the sunlight (see: wears sunglasses). I have a history of acne scarring on most uncommon areas of my body. Some more then others, depending on usage-level averages and time of year. My Ass looks like the surface of Jupiter’s Io.

But then, I scratch and literally will claw holes in my flesh because my body is a temple fully defiled by obesity and hate. I rip chunks of my flesh away, watch the blood poor out of mangled wounds. It all means nothing. I’m nearly always bleeding from one point of my body or another.

**I should make this chapter MANDATORY READING for the next lucky winner at the Breaking Eric’s Heart game.

I have some admirable qualities, but we’re not quite done clearing hurdles. There are more then a few. But all I can think to do at this point is hand you my character sheet and see how it comes to bear in the most concise and effective means I am capable of.

Name: Eric/Westin

Date: March 13th 2014

72 Hours as a Tweet: I lost direction and love to betrayal. I now have time to right the listing ship, and go west evermore. I’m still out there somewhere. (136 characters)

Described in 1 Word: XD

Legal Status: Divorced (Either 2x, or Annulled if Jax will testify and sign court forms to indicate that she committed adultery and void the contract on said ground)

Character: Wes

Campaign: RL

Nature: Soft-heart Sophisticate

Demeanor: Rambunctious Theologian

Alignment: Chaotic / Good

Abilities (7):

1. Learning 3
2. Loving 2
3. Sharing 1
4. Creating 1

Attributes (15):

1. Communications 4
2. Original (Innovative/Creative) 3
3. Education (Formal) 2
4. Analysis (Conjecture) 2
5. Original (Hypothesis) 1
6. Knowledgeable (History 1, Science 2)

Disciplines (5):

1. Obtenebration 4
2. Potence 1

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