NEW: The Lone Bull Project


It’s the title of this part of my life adventure. It’s a time for rebuilding, regrowing, renewing. It’s progress, towards a complete picture f the self. To be the master of The Ghost. I sincerely hope you stay tuned to find out what this entails, and where we have yet to go.


The project began 03-12-14, and expires annually
The project will cost me 75 lbs of my flesh.
The project will bring a new high-fantasy fiction world into existence
The project is for myself, by myself, alone to be won

More details to come. But the countdown has begun, even if the story has not.


**UPDATED 03/17/14
A series of priority-goals are going to be established at reasonable intervals to give structure to a more long-term prosperous living position. And for the immediate future, I have a color-coded spreadsheet with achievable tasks and a record of tasks completed. Incremental steps towards success. It’s only a matter of time before I get my head out the ole butt-chute and on to better things.

In honor of Robert whom I paraphrase: Know that you went out there and gave it your “all.” You went and gave it everything you had to give, every day. You can then walk away from that KNOWING you tried your hardest. Knowing that, rest assured that things will get better over time.

I chose to live a better life. A healthier life. A different life. On my own, for 1 year. AT LEAST one year.


I will be finding out how to be an amazing (it’s AMAZING) person again. How to live stable, happy and alone. To be at peace, and capable of great things once more.

This encapsulates the meaning and value of the project. The timeline is 1 year, at which point the contract will be extended, or cancelled. The contract can only be VETOED with parental consultation and approval.

So, again, still more details to come. But we’re already underway.

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