I Gotta Go…

Inspirational words from me, in a healthier state. I SHOULD TAKE MY OWN FREAKING ADVICE. JEEZ.

Neurochemically Challenged

I’m promoted again. To full-time.

As a result, I’ve all but vanished from this place. Things have been so much better, so much more stable. I rarely feel the need to vent, spiral-down or  be struck-down by symptoms. I have a soft, squishy environment, as well as a kick-ass job that I love. I keep my head up. I work my fucking ass off. I do the best I can manage, each and every day. Despite occasional setbacks, I still make progress towards a full, happy life.

I am pleased with this development, for many very good reasons. Clearly. I’m on a great roll lately.

20 remotes in 2 days is pretty fucking awesome. I’m thriving under pressure here.

I have days where I’m very tired, and I get grouchy. As one might expect… but shit yo. I’m working harder than I ever have before, and I feel great about…

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