The First Thing I’m Going To Do

When I get my head screwed on straight, is take good care of myself (to the MAX) better. I mean, get out on the water often, hike around, sniff the air. Be an outdoor pup for a while.  I love to fish. I should go out there and do it often. It’s healthy, and revitalizing, and FUN.

I got a hold of Will. YAY! Friend.


So 1.73 came out yesterday. It’s pretty spectacular so far, for the Tau (still have not tried Eldar or IG). 10 per squad now on Fire Warriors vs 8 in the last release. And now they have some VERY NICE and diverse upgrade options. Looks POLISHED. They went and added a shit-ton of information on the expanded tooltips. Resource gain rates are clean, expected. Units interact VERY DIFFERENTLY. Squads are tougher, better, more useful. Buildings die a lot faster. Like BFME2 speed. Literally, the right push, and you start damaging buildings and the game is over. Makes it all the more necessary to PLAY COUNTERS. Always find what they don’t want you to have. Be rewarded with victory. ZOMFG missile turrets, 4 hits, dead Skyray. Boo. However, no more bouncing around and having to wait to stand up, only to be bounced by another fucking ‘nade. That is gone. Commanders get instant upgrades. SHA? But are not MECHATRON with the powers. So many more little things got fixed. Hard to grapple with it all, given the derelict state of my brain.

So, even with THAT. I can’t seem to stay happy. I can’t seem to get on the right track. It’s going to have to be a full-scale overhaul, and I dread the daunting ordeal therein. But I deserve better than what I am. I deserve a chance. So, in order to deserve it, I’m going to do something largely symbolic and overtly dramatic. Haven’t decided what that is going to be, however. Bare with me, it’s been a real fart of late.

I had lots of enthusiasm for life, a while ago. Hey, I even dug up that old post and re-blogged it. So whatever. I’m aware that there is a good out there. I just REALLY need to be a rock-solid hammer f justice. Or, maybe just sure-up the places on my starship that abundantly extrude oxygen. Or something!





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