We are all strange to each other now a days. I mean, we drive independently in cars, go to single-desk jobs, interact as needed, not as though it were necessity. Which I believe it is, and should be considered a huge part of daily operations as respect to it’s importance is due. For me, I’m discovering, I need others in the world, so I can see what I am to someone else. Acute reflectivity. This helps me establish identity. Who am I, to you? Do I exist in your world? Or am I just a thought, a passing remembrance, that there’s this guy out there who writes a blog…?


I guess this is really about who you surround yourself with. Because this circle of people is going to help you establish who you are. So I need this group to be full of good peoples. In my case.

Community. It’s a concept by which coexistence causes a benefit to the group, in either a sharing of resources or formalities. Either way, being together, with people who share a common interest, is vastly superior to heading out there in the world alone. THERE IS NO ALONE. Alone is a myth; and only practiced by people who INTENTIONALLY desire to exclude themselves from some part of life. Since apelike-monkey days, we have always incorporated social interactions as part of how we creatures live. It is silly tho think we DON’T WANT to be in a group. We do. We MUST. Or a leopard is likely to pop out of a tree and ambush your ass while your out there going solo (fruits and berries style). I believe, truly, that dysfunction of the brain leads to isolation. I know this from my own bouts with severe depression. It WANTS you to shut-down and go away. Forever. But we insist on others, because there is more to existence than thinking you have to prove it to everyone that you can handle things on your own. NO ONE NEED DO THAT. It’s a great way to get eaten. Instead, we celebrate togetherness, and welcome new friends in as they come. Resources, shared.

I have a new friend. Oddly, her name is Jacqueline. NO NOT BIRDY. Different person. A full-blown Jacqueline. No condensing this one to Jax. Nope.

I really like her. As a friend (what do you expect from me at this interval?), cool person and eager learner, I find her awesomely acceptable. Not to mention the fact that I’ve pretty much laid my whole life so far out there, flaws and all, and I still get curiosity and interaction despite it all. WAY TO PROVE MY DEPRESSION IS WRONG, LOGICAL BRAIN! It’s brilliant. And healthy! Followers, readers, and spammers, I have been clear: Interaction  = win. What I don’t need is a relationship. But neither does she, so we have that in common as well. Mostly, I want to learn with someone. Grow with someone. Have a friend or resource available to help me reflect when I need it, but mostly just to have someone like-minded with me so I can has a fun on this adventure. Because that’s what life is; adventure waiting to be had. Good attitude, right?


So if I can keep from fucking-up, I might actually get my life going in a stable way for some time. Hopefully more then the 1 year mark. I need long-term stability dog. Read, long.

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