Ultimate Apocalypse (1.73) RELEASED

Dawn of War: Soulstorm’s Ultimate Apocalypse Mod has posted a major release… really? based on what information sailor? It’s actually been out since the beginning on the month. Current permutation 1.73.4 (the .4 is no more then a basic tweak of Tyranid AI and some other stuff). The core of the Mod, 1.73, hit newsstands on the 1st. And it was no joke. YAR?

I usually play Tau Empire. I have a “thing” for ranged infantry. Tau have always been my go to, with Eldar as a faint second and Tyranids somewhere on the fringes of rarely. This Mod cropped-out Inquisition Deamonhuunt. For now. I have no idea if a rework is planned, but their commander is insane and needed a nerf very badly. But he and his faction didn’t make the cut. And neither (for now) did UA Team’s baby Chaos Deamons. Only extra race is Tyranids, which got the full overhaul, and are now a fuck-ton of fun to play and a formidable AI challenge as well. Solidly third. A few observations: I can’t seem to win with Eldar. Tau gets to 3 commanders on the battlefield = win. And commanders are imminently destroyable. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Cause you’ll be all dooo dee doo dee doo, ohnoholyshitmycommanderjustfuckingdied!!!!

Games go like this: dead silence for 5 minutes on the nipple. Then early pestering at furthest captured points, then a direct assault on the home front. Right to the HQ. Failed, usually. But unnerving, and an unwanted distraction. Comes in waves. Time between averages 2 – 5 minutes. It’s a struggle to get much going. Tau have enough firepower early to keep annoying squad in-out maneuvers from breaking unit positions on the battlefield. I post units to stay their ground, and wait for the ranged to become potent enough to just keep shooting everything at arm’s length. Radius of no passage established; begin reinforcing, and teching. Pushing early at 10 minutes or somewhere between tier 2 and 3. Then Tau have some nice units which ably hold ground and walk slow, grinding everything they see with plasma. An incessant barrage of waddling mechs. That’s how it’s done.

But, I forget. Key components of the Mod’s success so far:

  1. AI stays sharp and competitive regardless of race, and plays to racial strengths. Custom build.

  2. Races have classy interface menus and tool-tips for everything. Game looks polished and integrated.

  3. Races are balanced, with unique strengths and weaknesses, contrasting stylistic preferences or applications.

  4. Hard (H) AI is adequate competition with 2 difficulty increments still unused.

  5. Units have new options, diverse customization functionality, and unprecedented relevance for game-play.

It’s a few core examples such as this that lead me to commend the team for a job well thought out and realized. The UA Team set out to make this mod stand up as a distinct and complex re-vitalization of the original game. It has done so, and opened the door for hardcore RTS gamers such as myself to enjoy thoroughly.

Over 50 matches played

75% Win on Hard AI

15% Loss to H or HR

10% Surrendered before winner could be projected

I enjoy every game. I’ve been more surprised than underwhelmed. Hardly have any issues with it, interface and in game play. I’m STILL LEARNING the new trier systems for my 3 races of interest. Tau are the simplest, Tyranids the most. Still haven’t figured out why a thermal vent power structure generates requisition for them and not power. Meh. I LIKE IT, mind you. Not complaining. Tyranids are pretty sick. Trying to figure out how to end game them, and failing so far. If I strike under 25 minutes, it’s usually with a fully upgraded Hive Tyrant and BOOM. Not a whole lot can stop him, a reinforcing Broodlord a making Lictors every few seconds. RUN AWAY.

I will have more thoughts on this as I dive deeper. I’ve not been into tier 4 yet with anyone. Closest with Tau. But they get SO GOOD before then. Why not kill them now? Why we wait, master?

For de dark gooooods.