EXPANDED REVIEW CONTENT: Ultimate Apocalypse 1.73.4

I’ve found peace at last. The game is, as advertised, exceptionally well balanced across the board. I’ve played 4 different races: they all peak the same way, and at roughly the same time. Tech up to tier 1 has been in 1 minute 30 seconds to 2 minutes even every time. Regardless of necessity. IG Techs internally through the HQ, but Tau require you to construct a Path to Enlightenment. It’s balanced, because it doesn’t compromise the game to have diversity of race. If everyone takes approximately the same time to get to tier 3, then chances are, the game will be more interesting. Wouldn’t it be better to have it out with a fair-fight? I get no thrill from running into your tier 2 base with my tier 4 units. Seriously not why I get off.

I have been winning against H with Tau. Switched it up to a HR and can’t win with them at all now. Finding MASSIVE success and speed with Imperial Guard. They upgrade FAST. And I’m good sticking with the infantry doctrine. Things don’t go well for me when I try to hang my hat on IG vehicles. But hey. I’m open to the possibility of changing. Had to win a long game with a Baneblade OR 2 just yesterday. Sidetracking! So, IG rebuild I’m really enjoying. Tau are spectacularly more powerful on foot. And thought the Skyray got nerfed down to 2 long range missile racks vs 4, It’s still terrific. It does damage now at much closer ranges than I remember it being willing to engage in before. It uses the long range missiles at shit that’s right in front of it sometimes. It’s a bit odd.

Like any good article worth it’s weight ins scratch: I’ve got to drop some meaningless header words in here to divide this boring block of text into something picante!


So far, I can’t say I’m happy with the STILL far too high level of bouncing singly-targeted units receive when being smacked by explosive projectiles. They can still be bounced until they die, which sucks, because literally, there are fleeting spasms of moments that would allow one to control the commander’s independent retreat function long enough to escape. But you have to be laser-kung-fu with the fingers and thinking to do it. Bullshit. THOUGH: still not as much a problem as it was. And commanders are imminently destroyable. As I’ve noted. But I’d be hard-pressed to find another good LAME.

I will have a third post later that will include a full BO for Tau and Eldar (if I can get good with both of them to feel confident dispensing advice). Feel free to ask specific inquiries if they arise. I’ve played many a game with HR at this point, so I know a few moves.