So, that’s me closing the book. I tried to be overtly civil, and that just got argued with. Frankly, I’m having a good enough time to not jeopardize it to worrying about Jax. My friend circle is growing, my DBSA meeting is going well, I have time to grow and be at peace if need be, and I’m on the cusp of entering a program which is sure to get me back in the workplace sooner rather than later. I’m excited about these things. My life is not where I want it to be, clearly, but we’re building the thing up right. I feel like my head is above the trees, and at last I’m getting a good look around. It’s refreshing!

Jax, I’m really sorry about your life. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better, I believe. You’ve made none of the steps to ensuring good health for your brain. That usually leads to disaster.

Meanwhile, I’ll be rebuilding the mansion. Brick by brick, this bitch is getting done. I am terse because it’s a crime to read something and not in any way understand it. Like my post, for example. Which is not malicious in any respect.

Regardless. Done. Moving on.