Victory Condition: Assassinate (Part II)

So, I’ve had about 3-4 games and already I’m laughing my ass off.

The AI holds on to the commander in a zero-risk policy of complete base-isolation lock-down. BRUNG.  I’m dying, because it’s a totally useful unit, when upgraded with patience. But the AI doesn’t get that. It has no way to compute the risk involved of sending a commander out into ANY SORT of combat at all. It thinks minor risk is far too great, so their commander stays home until the bitter end. When it’s basically down to the last few structures, their economy is crippled, the commander is usually the last freestanding unit to die. Which seems right… by my understanding of the game.

I just don’t quite understand why it keeps him home all the time. Do they still upgrade the commander, but just sit on him? They have no problem moving secondary commanders at me, but they keep the primary back somewhere where nothing could ever happen to him. Until, aforementioned calamitous death sequence is scheduled to transpire.

It’s nice to not have to raze an entire base. NOTED.

Hey, I get the real life implications of using my commander in game combat. I get it. Think me not irresponsible. I’ve had a few tries at it and I haven’t killed him yet. Haven’t even been close to the best of my knowledge. On that note, I’m continuing to use Tau, WHICH IS A RISK IN AND OF ITSELF HOME SLICE. Primary commander is my ranged commander, who has shit for hit-points and does nothing but die really really fast at melee range. So I have him to either use carefully, or be destroyed while trying to use him to some end.

I believe that this game’s AI might be a bit wacko about this victory condition, though, I’ve not had enough practice yet to officially diagnose anything. I’ll keep trying.

Few notes for experiment parameters:

Using maps Moonbase (A straight up fight) Frostbite River (A rush of power and requisition) or Meeting of the Minds (A crafty fight with a rush of power if done right). Facing a HARDER random foe with standard resources and game-speed. I would tell you if there was something truly off the beaten default setting. Ultimate Apocalypse allows you to also enable a heroes xp gain “mod” routine for units to get better as they live longer and gather combat experience. It’s fantastic, because it brings scrutiny to the task of keeping the things you build alive, and make them worth your while by keeping squads reinforced and upgraded with heavy weapons.

I tried to grab some screen-caps, but it failed.

I’ll probably have a resounding conclusion to this chain of articles, but consider a 3rd portion utterly necessary, as I have yet to see the AI beyond these few maps and have a very limited number of “games played,” recorded as usable data. Time will have better stories, as is often the case with the RTS genre.

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