Victory Condition: Assassinate (Part III)

Finally, this saga comes to a close. I’m satisfied with the evidence I’ve gathered.

It looks like, for as long as I skirmish against the AI, I will not enable victory condition: assassinate. Yes truly, I’m sad to see it go, but there’s a sum of good reasoning behind this action. Namely, the AI’s reaction to this gameplay policy change is alarming and uninteresting. There was never a moment where I caught the AI with their commander out somewhere he shouldn’t have been, and greased him. NEVER. That’s not ok. That only means the AI is opting to let the commander sit in their base collecting dust. Not putting him to any use… that’s not a solution either. It just means he’s hopelessly outgunned when it gets down to my army encroaching on his “circle of safety.”. If he’s the last line of defense, it’s not a good strategy to begin with. Even upgraded, he doesn’t stand alone as a powerful unit. He will still eat shit and die at the hands of any number of moderately powerful squads. It’s sad, BUT THAT’S THE WAY IT AUGHT TO BE.

He can make a difference, if used in combat situations. Why not have him cutting down units as a support unit, versus just not using him at all. My way seems better.

Alas, the AI does not agree. And games are DONE by the time I’m punishing their commander. Hiding behind the power generators at the back of the last stand. Sad way to go, as I mentioned.

But this is not my desire. So, AI. I’m letting you off the hook. Go frivolously use your commander as a primary combat unit, like you do when the victory conditions are only: annihilate. It’s much more interesting to have the AI using it’s fullest potential to beat me, but “assassinate” only made the AI weaker in my opinion.

For the purposes of training, I may keep the AI in the bind it finds itself in every time we launch a game. Because it will be useful to TEACH the skill of careful commander management, and not let that skill lapse because of lax victory conditions.

For now, this is Miracle Max, signing off.

“Have fun storming the castle!”

ANECDOTE: Tyranids. I swear, you can’t turn your back on them. XV22 was out front at FbR watching my relic point, but a big swarm of genestealers came up from somewhere, and while I got distracted by the carnifex they brought along, those fucking genestealers DEVOURED my XV22 like he was dog kibbles (and that’s not a L1 but more likely a L4-5 with all the nifty items purchased). Literally had 2 seconds to myself, checked the strategic icon to find it had disappeared from my HUD (A very very bad sign) followed promptly by a popup message informing me my commander was found to be “tasty.” As well as “dead.” I lose. =(