Chicken Pizza!!!!!!!!

I had another random draw against Space Marines, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if they didn’t do the same shit they did before: leading commander early on victory condition: assassinate.

Not the brightest maneuver, but entertaining! I got him this time with a blob of Gun Drones standing near a relic which had been upgraded with defenses. So it may have been a combination of both, or perhaps he was trying to get away from something, and stumbled on to the Gun Drones accidentally? Whatever the reason, I was not even watching when it happened, so, speculative based on the map at the end of the game. But still dead, and early. We were at 9:45 when he died. I was still working on Tier III. So, moral of the story is UA wasn’t coded to handle that victory condition, and should only really be used against human foes.


Speaking of which, I have no one to game with, and no real way to game with anyone on this limited use data plan. My internet is my iPhone’s hotspot, and up to 5GBs of usage. I can’t stream game content, and I can’t multiplay, so, RTS has been a lifesaver, because it’s been an adequate source of entertainment whist not being able to play with anyone else. I should like to get back into competitive gaming. It was tons of fun when I was healthy enough to manage it. I wanted to play UA all the time with Will but I was so damn tired from working that we rarely got in a game. And we still have never, together, played 1.73. I was looking forward to that so much, and we never even talk about it anymore. My life and his have gone different directions, and he’s not as lonely, and I’m harder to get a hold of. I guess things come and go. Maybe we will line up again soon, and I’ll be in a place where we could all have big multiplayer dates with our cyber-friends who all play 1.73. It’s a dream of mine, to some day be back in my own place, with fast internet, and be able to have my own bubble, and do with it what I pleased. I could call people up and have LAN parties. I could buy us all pizza and we could drink PUB and have a good time. Or something. Anyway.


I think since 1.73 really balanced things out nicely, assassinate is GOING to be a lot of fun once I can get settled somewhere where I can game again. Freely.


I appreciate time spent playing games when I’m BREAKING FROM SOMETHING. Going from “idle” to “play” is not any fun, because it has no reward. No fun, because it didn’t take anything at all to earn it. I didn’t EARN this down time! I’m stuck in it as procedural events take place in my docile life. I’m largely bored, looking for things to do to light me up inside, and I’ve taken to writing more (clearly) and also exploring game theory. It’s not been work, and it’s not been UTTERLY wasted time, but I am unhappy with the way things are and determined to change. I want games to be a rewarding break from the monotony of labor. And they will be again some day.


For now, I’m just making the best sense of what I have to work with. I’m so limited right now, still growing outwards, but getting better and more proactive all the time. It’s been hard to do, but good work is being done, and I’m glad.


My video game multiplayer dreams are not dead. Not by a long shot. I look forward to when they will be coming true.


Finally, make it 7 RTS titles installed, adding Age of Mythology: The Titans to the arsenal today. Silly.

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