June Mood Album: Preemptive Strike

I’m bombing your nation before you can bomb mine. With music.

I’m feeling a great deal of things, so this CD kinda goes that way, zooming all over the emotional spectrum. Been thinking sad thoughts about Jax. Feeling my love rotting inside me. Not dead, but permanently damaged and losing ground to decay. It will eventually be dead.

I’ve had ups and downs. This CD just happens to cycle between the two at an insane speed. Welcome to MY WORLD.

  1. Tonight – Elton John (George Michael cover)
  2. Policy Of Truth – Depeche Mode
  3. Cold As Ice – Foreigner
  4. 21 Guns – Green Day
  5. Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  6. Livin’ On The Edge – Aerosmith
  7. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) – Phil Collins
  8. Just Like Heaven – The Cure
  9. Saint Agnes And The Burning Train – Sting
  10. The Heart Of The Matter – Don Henley
  11. Caribbean Blue – Enya
  12. Lazy Susan – Dan Fogelberg & Tim Wiesberg
  13. Close To Me – The Cure
  14. Learning To Fly – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  15. Beautiful Stranger – Madonna
  16. Fastlove – George Michael
  17. Need You Tonight – INXS
  18. Any Way You Want It – Journey