More Panic-Stricken Scribbles From The Front

I’m sitting here listening to some music and thinking about the last few skirmishes I’ve had with the computer. For me, gaming is about originality. I get tired of doing the same strategy over and over again. Even if I were to, let’s say, find a build order that is hard to beat, I’m going to monkey with it every time I do a round. Why? Because I keep the variables of the equation changing so I don’t get bored. I don’t want to associate boredom with my relaxing gaming time, and to some extent, it has become something of a stigmatized concept. I have no job or anything, so why should I be gaming? Why should I be enjoying the ample free time I have at my disposal, in lieu of filling it with responsibilities?

In large part, my worries and fears are appeased knowing that I am doing things, but factors are largely out of my control. I can contribute to the equation, but I don’t control the parameters. I know this in my head and don’t often suffer unduly at it’s hands. Really, these gaming articles I write are my menial gesture to attach meaning and worth to my recreational activities. I try to make as much of it as I can. I have no one to discuss game theory with. I have no human being to play with, or share any of these interesting thoughts and anecdotes. I’m pretty much just talking to myself here, but I guess I’m ok with that. I am getting something out of it.

Coming at last to the point of my article today: conformity of gameplay. I’m stuck here, because if I want to make the most use of the AI, I will need to dramatically adjust my comfortable build sequence I have already. I mentioned in a previous article that I had moved the Harder AI to Hard, because it was rushing at 4 minutes and giving me a hard time. Now I don’t know if the AI cheats to have units out on the field faster, but regardless, I usually never have anything around to purge the 4 minute threat with, so I surrender as tech 1 stuff peck my buildings to death.

I know there is an online community of gamers who play this mod. I have yet to set up a game because I know I will just get obliterated. I’m soft, because my style isn’t focused on victory as soon as possible. I will be ripped apart in a multiplayer match, as I have the wrong strategy for public play. I can change that though, and make a 4 minute rush prevention strategy of some form. I just really need to hammer it out in my head, and on the field.

I think I’ll have more scribbles when I try implementing this new approach. My hope would be to get the AI back to HR and still have fun.