Gospel Of Progress

I’m proud of myself right now. I know things COULD be zooming right along at hyper-speed… but in reality, I’m much happier with the pace we’re on now (even if I give myself a hard time about it). I’m able to look at what I have to do without the clutter of additional responsibilities hanging around to make that harder. I can focus on my objectives, accomplish measurable steps en route to success. Goals I have, and lay down carefully as to not derail myself by overwhelming the system. I know I’m fragile, as my past has indicated. History deserves respect, else, how do we hope to evolve beyond our limitations?

I’m launching this week. I sure hope I get that DoR call and can start going to MHS. But even if I don’t get the call, I have things to do. I, with my dear Moo, are launching our business together, finally, after talking about doing it for weeks. I went ahead and claimed the Etsy page, and Facebook page as well. We’re calling ourselves: Dig That Jewelry. Nice huh? We are working on photographing out stock right now, and we’ll soon be rolling along with a fully-operational store and whatnot. Once we get a ground-floor laid down, we can expand into weekend shows and craft fairs. In truth, this is a project based on an abundance of time and a commitment of effort. This will not be at all successful unless we dump time and energy into it. Which we are prepared to do.

I also posted an ad on craigslist looking for short-term computer repair work. I don’t know if this will generate any leads, but eh, it’s worth trying for. I’d hope that I could get SOME work out of it. Maybe. We’ll see.

I can’t say that I agree with my ex’s assessments of my situation. I’m doing fine. I’m a bit brokenhearted still, as being abandoned takes time to get over, for me. I know inside myself, that I can do this. And I believe in myself, and the direction my life is now going. All of that is muy bueno.

I will keep the fires burning.