Ultimate Apocalypse Fan Patch?

I didn’t know the team was down with doing this, but they posted a new download on ModDB which constitutes some gameplay tweaks for some of the factions, and other minor changes. Apparently my beef with the Necrons is legit, because across the board, people have been calling for change. It seems the Necrons get going too slow, or don’t have anything worthwhile/useful until much later down the tech tree. Which to me, explains why the Necrons leave me alone for well over the noted 4 minute rush threshold. I usually never see them until I go looking to start a fight with them, and at that point, I’m well on the way to winning. If I got to do my whole build-up without any interruption then I probably win. It’s sorta important to make your foes aware of one’s presence on the battlefield, otherwise, you’re stuck in the waiting realm, not knowing when or where the hammer is going to fall.

I have downloaded and installed the fan patch, so let’s see what that does. Maybe Necrons will get going a little bit faster, or have something more formidable when I do come marching into their area.