Family Matters

I’m just here to check in. Even though I’m not the most talkative cousin, I am one of the cousins. These are my extended brothers and sisters. We practically grew up together, spending almost every weekend in Boulevard. Also known as the family ranch, where my grandparents lived. We used to all just go out there and hang. All the kids would go down to the basement, start up some crazy game. We’d all come up to eat and sit at the bar. All the kids at the bar. Adults at the dinner table. That’s just the way it was. It was a lot of fun and good memories.

So now we’re mostly all here, hanging out together again. It’s not as insane as it used to be. But a good solid reminder of where I belong. These people are my family. No matter what, that’s not going to change. There will always be family. And new memories to be made with these fundamentally good people. I like being here, and there is no substitute for knowing where home is.