I’m doing the best I can in my environment. But not everyone is on board with the emotion regulation prerogative. I’m working my ass off to be healthy in body and mind. This second part is where the hardest work is to be done. I’m being proactive with daily exercise and a really good diet. My calorie intake is way down. I did mention that I lost ten pounds as of three weeks ago. And my shorts are too loose. They fall right off my ass unless I have a belt. So. Work is being done despite my Mom having a total fucking meltdown over the last day or so. I have no solace in resolution, because the emotional awareness work needs to be done and acknowledged. My mom won’t admit to there being a problem because she is too proud and insecure about herself and how she is perceived. She needs to be right in order to feel good, which is a fucked story. She may have a lot of feelings that aren’t being appropriately acknowledged and dealt with. Instead they find devious ways of getting out through misdirected emotional outbursts. Inexplicable reactions based on non participation in a mindful process. If in wise-mind, more reasonable ways of dealing with emotions can be found and implemented. It takes work and practice. My mom has lost her way in this regard. I wish I could help, but the whole thing is above my pay-grade.