Bucket Plunkers

The apparatus of my strategy game brain is somewhat tired. I’ve been out teched by Chaos and swarmed under by Orks and Dark Eldar. I can’t handle any of them with Tyranids… I’m just not fucking fast enough to get enough things out there to meet their things at the fucking 4 minute mark EVERY TIME! Goddamnit I’m never going to play that way! I can’t do 4 minutes. I need more fucking time dude. You HAVE to give me enough time to get going, otherwise, what the fuck are we doing? I’m not having fun, that’s for sure. I think this comes down to a balance issue. There’s no intermediate unit worth building before tier 3 that has a slight chance of survival. Warriors, once upgraded, are fast and have good dps. But they last for about 1 minute and then they’re all dead. All 12 or however many of them there are. Same story with fully upgraded Genestealers. They get annihilated by ANYTHING they try to fight. I think this is not good. I’ve had to RUSH to get to Zoeanthropes and full Carnifexes with all their technologies researched. But if I’m being harassed at 4 minutes, I have to divert my economy’s resources to defending off the attackers, who will run willy-nilly through my base, stop, and grind on my resource building s until they are destroyed. This is fucking stupid. I’ve tried holding them off with Hormagaunts, and they just use a ton of resources reenforcing up to 20 members. It is crippling my economy, which maybe I can resolve by somehow ignoring my base slowly being consumed and boost my economy upgrades regardless. Seems like a really dumb way to win. I’m hoping YOU guys have a better idea. I’m stuck.

One thought on “Bucket Plunkers

  1. Against Chaos I made a major leap forward: I let them have some Early fully leveled Hormagaunts, and got both command units out and had them leveled to 4 before I went to tier 3. I made sure to use a squad of Genestealers to cap every listening post I took, and built Spore Chimneys on all, AND upgraded them. By then, My economy was CHARGING and there was no way they could outgun me because I had the numbers. Got tier 4 researched while they were struggling to get to tier 3. I had masses of Zoeanthropes (no Biovores this time) and I had tons of Lictors (fully upgraded and subbed for the Biovores I didn’t build) coming from the Bloodlord all the time. It cut down nearly all the infantry, and left my Hive Tyrant to polish off the Defilers and other heavy vehicles. It worked beautifully. They had NO standing army at all because they were overloaded with Lictors. Lictors killed every standing unarmored unit on the map, then pounded on the structures until they were all gone.

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