Thanks Guys

I have a fond place in my heart for all those group members who came to the meetings and participated as best they could. I know my leaving is going to be a big blow to the energy level of the group. I am really sorry about all that, but you have to see that this is just part of my own personal mental health journey. Here, in my own private odyssey, I venture into new heights and sometimes scary circumstances. I find myself feeling nervous about work as well as excited. But maybe those two things are actually a mushy spot on the spectrum and the difference between them is blurred. I’m not apprehensive, but certainly trying my humble hat on for size. I intend to be docile, and take in as much information as I can. It’s really only at the point in which I have achieved confident mastery of the material that I will be satisfied enough to be free. Groups have been great for me, in helping me realize what I needed and how much I had to offer. I tend to give things a lot of energy, especially when they are important to me. My health has become that, and I have made it the focal point of my new adventure.

I got such warm congratulations and respectful praise from my group coordinator. The recovery connections was my longest group, maybe 6 weeks or more I went there. The Life Skills class was on week 6 as well. But I helped them while I could, and had to go my own way, as I am now strong enough to stand on my own. I can attest to that being somewhat scary, but real, and something I yearn for deeply. I had a good time and learned a lot from my groups, and I do hope they keep going strong without me.