Last Weekend On Earth

As you are no doubt aware, I start 8 am Monday and I intend to be early, beating the I-8 to I-15 interchange traffic clog shortly after 7 am. Which means a new, punctual schedule of being up around 6 am or so to get my act together. Which I am ok with, considering my days already start around that time. I think it will not be a challenge to actually get there, but the long haul of working 5 days a week for consecutive weeks on end might be the hard part. It’s falling into bad patterns and repeating poor decisions that has me in a ruffle. I am trying something totally new here, I might remark. So the precedent for success has not been set, and in reality, there is no concrete achievable goal that I have my sights set on directly. I mean, getting employed… THAT was my goal, and here we are. Now I wander into the vast uncharted sea, like a New World Conquistador, preparing to infect with diseases and enslave whatever I come into contact with. Good work ethic? Methinks not.

At any rate, I’m going to be working hard, and I hope that I can still keep up with regular posts and check-ins here on the blog. I feel like this place has been a boon to me in my mental health journey, and I’ve received a ton of feedback and whatnot from a community of neat people who all seem to enjoy what I write. I have found that the more often I am able to write, the better of I end up after having dealt with whatever was on my mind. My mental health has improved dramatically as I have been able to process a great deal of pain and suffering here, live, and in as honest a fashion as I can manage. I’m glad for the support of such a diverse gathering of followers. You are all my peers in this wicked wild west of bipolar disorder, and you have been there with me through it all. I’ve been on a roller coaster for the last few years, and I’m hoping this is the part where the passengers get on and off the damn thing. I’m going to go find a shady place and take a nap.

I will be stable, ready and proud on Monday. I can hardly wait to show some new people how awesome and unique I am. I think I have a good sense of humor, and I’m quite well spoken. I even make up stuff sometimes just to get the point across in some atypical way. I brought the “A” to asymmetry. As it were.


Goodbye for now, and I hope you all have a good mental health journey as well. I know I’ll be able to strive and succeed in my new environment, and you can too. We can get better, together. I started at zero point in the hospital on new meds. No job, no apartment, no wife, nothing. It doesn’t get any lower than that. Honestly. So If I can do this whole trip back to independence, maybe I can help you do it too. Just leave me a comment. I’ll talk with you and give you understanding. We’ve all been here before, at the top, and at the bottom. Wherever you are on the spectrum of possibilities, I want you to know that this blog is always a place to say what you need to say, and be heard. That’s all it is for me, anyway…