My First Day

Hello world. It’s the day I went to work and I feel brain tired. In a good way. I will, undoubtedly, learn a great deal in the course of my three weeks of training. I will be proficient in a series of new skills and gain a grand sum of novel things. I’m going to need a new notebook though, probably before the end of training. I’m going to run out of paper at the rate I’m going. Five pages today. This is a good day. I have a lot of wrinkly brain areas growing.

I’ve been watching the news and there have been three large earthquakes in the distant Aleutian Islands. 8.0, 6.0, 6.9 today so far. That’s kind of a big deal. No pacific tsunami warnings so far. I don’t think these are mega thrust quakes. They are back in the continental plate. But never a good sign. Frankly. Being a pacific dweller. Narg.

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