Ni Ni Song

I wish a tender place to sleep
To soak the sunlit hours deep
Into the cracking cave of night
Where hours vanish with delight
A warm embrace of embers’ glow
Hiding deep beneath the snow
Blanketed buried soft and neat
Do shadows on the canyons creep
A frail flag against the wind
So eyes to their duty rescind
Beneath the tumult of mashed up scenes
Chewed on slowly by my dreams
Tired lays the body down
To wed the throne of most renown
King in chambers home at last
You’ll never know the time has passed
For morning’s light when next you meet
Allow your mind to just intreat
A passing memory of darkness gone
The new sun rising to its song

2 thoughts on “Ni Ni Song

  1. Very nice… Reading for the first time something bright from you…. A person who never read what you wrote would be immensely impressed by this poem… But I being you reader for sometime now, This poem doesn’t reflect your mind… Am I right?

    • It comes from a desire to make the deep relaxation of rest a vibrant sing song type event. My mind is always changing, so, I guess this poem is accurately a part of my conscious thoughts. It’s a proper reflection.

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