Duty, Respect

I am a believer in showing other people the respect they earned. Like your boss, or a police officer. They did a lot to get where they are. Realizing this, you should probably dampen your initial reaction to be an ass. In my mind, you have my respect until you do something to lose it. Innocent until proven guilty. Most of my fellow classmates do not have my respect. They talk over our supervisor, they ask questions that prove they weren’t paying attention, they text under the tabletop, and they get up and leave the training whenever they want.

Personally, if I’m being paid to do something, I intend to do that thing really well. To the best of my abilities, anyway. And I give the job my respect and attention and diligence. Fully. This is an uncommon belief or work ethic, I’m learning. What most people are ok with doing, I find appalling.

So I’m on a bit of an island here. Doing my best on my own to stand out amongst the rabble. Trying extra hard to distinguish my actions and personality from the soup of unintelligible discourse that plays out in that conference room. I’m wondering now if it’s clear that I’m quite pleased with myself, and gain a great deal of satisfaction from the work I do. So I am noticeably happier than I was last week. Definitely more busy, but that has only helped me achieve stability.

I’m thinking a lot about my future. My family is more secure than it has ever been, in recent memory. My dad won his disability case, so they will be safe going forward with their lives. I’m going to settle into a new environment soon enough, and get back to an independent routine which is sure to help me maintain. All I’m trying to do is get level and grow into my life as best I can. I think that’s a healthy goal.