5 am

I get up at five, but I actually don’t start moving until after 5:30. Usually. It’s really early to be waking up and going for a long walk, but I really need to train myself to do this. It’s vital to my health that I get some form of cardiovascular aerobics. I have been unsuccessful this week in motivating myself to walk. I was SO unbelievably tired this morning, and the morning before that I fell asleep holding my phone after I turned the alarm off. Sad.

I’m hoping that getting myself into a rhythm of working out and then getting ready. I think this behavior can be trained. At least, I’m hoping. My full time job takes the bulk of my day and forces me to sit for most of it. There’s not much freedom to exercise here, and my lunch would not be long enough to get much walking in. I MUST be able to walk, first thing.

I am sad that doing that requires a huge sum of “first-thing-the-morning” energy that remains largely undiscovered.