About Me

I’m pretty new on the scene. I just recently became socially relevant as I have graduated from complete isolation into regular work. I am soon to have my own place in the fall, which is an attractive situation. I’m single, living alone in east county San Diego, but soon to be moving somewhere more or less half way in. I’m an ambitious fellow; a hard working overachiever. I play nice with others and have a good sense of humor about most everything. I’m not a practical joker, I don’t cut in line EVER. I always check my blind spot. I tend to make evaluative judgements based on an incomplete understanding. I rationalize and grasp for compassion. My eyes are sparkling light blue. I have no need for excessive hair. I model myself a amateur scientist, who got lost in poetry. I don’t make good momentary decisions. I doubt people who believe vicariously. I often wonder what new event awaits us all, as each day dawns. I think a lot of silly thoughts, some grotesque desires, a smattering of evil whisperings, and a lot of silence. I find the commonplace to be a reference to stability, the regular to be a canvas, the rest being at the whim of the artist. I’m not sure how much of myself I fully understand. It’s more than some but not quite a lot. Embarking on any sort of cooperative effort with me is largely about surviving the sadness and striving against hardship. I play PC games and generally prefer Real Time Strategy. I’m a thinker, then a doer. I’m not likely to wait for things to just happen, and I set my sights on reachable goals. I procrastinate when unhealthy. I find ways to drink strong coffee at odd times during the day. I don’t celebrate major holidays. I have a hard time finding the words to say goodbye.