My Journey

I have been diagnosed Bipolar II, with social anxiety and ADD. These things do not, in any relevant way, inform about what I actually experience as a result of having been professionally examined. The label is only there to classify a group of symptoms, which are generally the same across case studies. MY personal experience with Bipolar really doesn’t have any relevance to YOUR alternate experience. We are distinct, yet aligned because we still cycle, we still know what Bipolar Depression feels like. We know what mania is and how to handle those extreme highs. In some form, we are both struggling with a pattern of symptoms, in two vastly different ways. I know my journey doesn’t really have an end. I intend for it NOT to. In my opinion, mental health is the priority of my life, because without giving it the respect it deserves, I have been beaten down and lost everything. My life has been reduced to shambles, more than once, and I was left to rebuild. Nothing about a journey with no end is easy. It’s hard. A pain in the ass in fact. But it’s what DEFINES me. What makes me so vastly different than you. I am of a distant, not oft used radio frequency and few others monitor this signal. My journey may keep throwing new obstacles in my way, but so too will blessings be dealt. Life doesn’t just fuck you for doing your best and being honest… it may fuck you for a while, but not the whole time. People who don’t have to struggle hard for sanity take their lives for granted. I’d give my dick for a normal brain! Are you kidding me? Anyway. This is supposed to be uplifting and encouraging. For all the sufferers out there, I’m one with you. I’ve been through some funky shit, and lived to tell the tale. Somehow, despite my best efforts to the contrary. I have seen the edge and I know still that there is hope for my life and my future. I get to be the one who decides my fate. So I say: let it be a proud one. To whatever code you stand for, and to the means to the end of being sane, I salute you.

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    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try not to step in the flower beds next time I’m romping around in your mind. ;)

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