Tipping Point Reached

I’ve finally had enough of the group at work. It’s gone too far. People are flagrantly disregarding any sort of professionalism and respect. It’s stunning, really. I find Laurel to be a breath of fresh air, bringing a bunch of new knowledge into my world. All these other jokers may or may not be here next week. Who fucking knows. But I’d really be shocked if delinquency, lateness, absent minded nattering, meaningless anecdotes, racist jokes and bored stares were rewarded with lots of job security. In fact, I may just have to clarify my idea if “rightness” in the world. I don’t think I’m barking up the wrong tree with my dedication, professionalism and performance beyond what was being asked. I have no fear for myself, but THEY should have the fear, and the fact that they DON’T bothers me a bunch. I wrote an email to Laurel at lunch, because I was getting sick of Jew jokes, silly laughter and then an onslaught of questions directed at ME because they were not paying attention when Laurel showed us all the first time. I want to be clear: their behavior is dramatically impairing my ability to proceed. Its awful in there. It HAS to change.

So I pleaded with Laurel for sympathy. I asked her to pass my words on to someone higher up the food chain, and to keep my involvement out of the reprisals. I just want a safe, happy workplace environment full of people who value their jobs. That might be asking WAY too much at this point, but discipline is an order. Something must be done.

So, the cog wheels are turning in some way. I’m sated that I was appreciated and understood for my plight. Laurel is RIGHT THERE WITH ME. I certainly hope that place gets some kind of wake-up call.

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