Apocalyptic Thoughts

It’s a gaming and real life post. I’ve adapted my strategy yet again in the ongoing fray between Will and I. Recently the move has been towards plateauing around tier 2 and at least posing an offensive threat long before thinking about tier 3. It takes me a little longer to get into tier 2 and I don’t know why. I play poorly on the weekends when I get stoned all day. But even then, Will has some adjusting to do in order to compensate for my tier 2 push. I’ll scrap over middle ground, and only really intend to push when I sense he’s out of troops. Bases are easy to eat with Kroot Hounds.

Also, a new week is starting and I am hopeful that some change is going to be enacted as it pertains to my cohort of the largely indifferent. I choose to believe that good behavior is rewarded in this world, not bad. But I’m prepared for the alternatives. Whatever that looks like. I’m at the whims of chance, as are we all. I tend not to struggle too profoundly against my spot in the societal machine. I rather enjoy the privilege of having a spot in the first place. So here we are, at the end of one week and starting a fresh new one. I’m just pickled.