I get a healthy dose of procedures on a daily basis, my being in a training program and all. It’s been fun, but at last, we’re down to our last day in the conference room. Personally, I’m going to be fine on the phone, because I enjoy helping people figure out their problems. It’s hard, because I had to learn how to operate all sorts of machines that I had never before known how to use. I’m now a deadly expert in drive thru equipment. I can find out what brand, model name frequency and other specifics of your individual headset configuration. Or do you use a belt pack? I could go on, because I was asked by my bosses to learn this material, and learn it good. So I put my best effort in to it, and produced a lot of extra resources which helped myself and others learn the material even faster. I fear for them, because they have no confidence in what they’re doing. You can’t act like a bafoon on the phone with people, you have to compose yourself, speak clearly, and get to the point without wasting everyone’s time.

We’ll be in the Exchange Queue to start, because people who call in there don’t have advanced issues and are usually just looking to swap broken equipment for working ones via mail. This takes the precision skill with the software platform they made us learn to use, because data entry can’t be fucked up. It HAS to be done right every time. Otherwise, you didn’t do your job right Honcho.

I have little doubt that I’ll catch on quickly, and I’m really looking to make a splash with those other DTOC guys. They’ve all been in there for months, years together, and I’m just getting started. I want to blow them away with me-power. I can’t wait to get on those phones and start hammering out some calls. That will be fucking awesome. I know I’m going to do great at this. There’s no hesitation. They gave me a month, I have done well.

I made that playlist and I’ve been listening to it like in a loop forever. I think I still like it. I can’t really NOT listen to it. It’s all really good music. Every song. And it has a rhythm and a flow. I do that with my playlists. I don’t just schlock some shit together and call it bamsauce. That’s not my way at all bro.

In other words, I like the Red Envy playlist

Down the road, I emailed a lady about an apartment I saw on Craigslist. Hopefully she gets back to me and I can go see the space. Maybe moving out sooner than later.

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  1. Healthy dose of training, high level of self-confidence, plus a bunch of music! That’s great, man! Wish you great success!

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    A personal thought by a man, which tells us how helping self-confidence is. And a playlist of musics works well too!

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