A Night For Forgetting

I’m looking to turn in to a vegetable but instead I’m at my Grammies house waffling with the pokes and having no fun. Last night I was up WAY TOO LATE and could not get to sleep until after 3 am. I was so terribly frustrated trying to fall to sleep all night and not succeeding. I was thoroughly bummed that I would have to face my day on 3 hours of sleep. Bummed.

So I’m trying my best after a FULL day of training and implementation. I learned the basics of zeacom VoIP software. I crammed my head with new knowledge and the day slumped over on me. I’m losing the fight to fatigue. I already drank a beer and I feel like sleep is right behind my eyes. It is gnawing on the edge of my brain. Monday I’m in the queue full time and zapping calls all day long. I imagine that I’m going to not lose a second to boredom. It sucks that I had to barf through Friday. It was an agonizingly slow day. They tried to cram my head with knowledge in 4 hours then feed me to the billing queue. I was not prepared. Tried to study. Poured my attention into the tutorials I had been given. I tried.

So it’s a busy weekend turbo. I’ve got engagements every day. I will not have time to vegetate. This displeases me greatly. I’m trying my best to stay with it but this is hard as hell.

I’m going to bed for 14 hours I fucking swear.