“Return Fire, RETURN FIRE!”

My Fire Warriors usually have something to say, but I have all the voice audio muted so I don’t have to hear them speak. Most strategy gamers count on unit speech to help them be alerted when something is done or what not. I just decided to keep track of it all in my head, and not rely on the game to tell me what to do. A dedicated gamer move, I’ll say,  and also making the RTS genre a lot more difficult. I much prefer a challenge though. Suits me well.

Anyway, Will has been trying out Imperial Guard, who I believe to be quite possibly the best “vehicles” army out there. And “vehicles” as it applies to Ultimate Apocalypse, is any unit that counts against your Vehicle Cap. For IG, you can count on vehicles all looking like tanks, of varying equipments and weapon systems. I contend that IG have a decent counter for everything with building that JUST makes L.Russ variants.

I’ve slowed down my strategy, as opposed to an all out dash to tier 3, I tend to peak late tier 2. SO my getting to the tiers is only slow on the back end, as upgrading my economy has become of increasing priority.

Tier 1 = 2:05

Tier 2 = 7:05

Tier 3: = +9:00


It’s not all about tier 3 anymore. It’s become about MMing the middle, crippling the outskirts of your enemy’s economy, cleverly placing turrets, and LOTS MORE MMing the middle. I’ve been caught kiting troops to my turrets, which was quickly foiled by a stance change, I’m assuming. I’ve had my Skyrays individually targeted by air strikes, I’ve built 6 squads of Fire Dragons, created a diversion, and sneaked them into Will’s base and triggered the Annihilate victory condition without even facing his army. It’s become clever, devious play that gets it done. Though there is still some dispute over when is an OK time to build a turret, and when is not. Turrets can be bothersome with their extensive range and usually 2 levels of upgrades.

Anyway, I’m back to trying a twin tier 2 approach to Tau Empire. I had one game as Tau vs IG and it went my way, then his, then cinched for my victory in tier 3. I brought my usual front of Sunfires and when equipped to demolish vehicles, IG gets real unhappy with that. I also made sure to buy both Tau-wide weapon damage techs. Tech line for that game was 24 to 9… which is like, woah, why didn’t you research anything? Techs only make your diverse front become stronger, and a diverse front is as it should be, as well. Spamming one unit is asking to be countered.


That’s really all for now. Pack to practice.