A New Day Yesterday

I had my first full day coming in at 9:30 and leaving at 6:00… which was very odd. Mike, my boss, he really likes me and wants me on his shift, so I can hang late with him. I think he’s really cool, and he introduces me to people all the time and brings them over to meet me at my desk. It’s only because I’ve gone the extra mile with him to prove that I can do the job, and add something extra to the equation. That’s my personality, which he enjoys, and we share a lot of similar interests… he’s a great boss.

Anyway, I get to have long, lazy mornings where I can take my time getting ready and drink some nice coffee. Then I get ready and go, and there’s no traffic on the way in. A little on the way out, but not too bad. I had my intake appointment for MHS, which FINALLY happened after all these months of waiting for the Department of Rehabilitation to get back to me. I sent in the forms via mail, and they finished the intake on the phone with me while I illegally talked on the phone and drove. I went the whole way and completed the interview, and Ray said he would call every 2 weeks and check in with me to see how I was doing. Basically, since I’ve been employed, I have not really needed the employment services of MHS, but rather, their services that they extend to people who have jobs, and are struggling with mental illness, and could just use 90 days of help. That’s what I’ll get, when they submit my client plan. I get a call, support and services (if I need them) for free.

It’s nice to have the bonus help. Jeez. I have to call Margaret this week and tell her I can’t do a 4 pm anymore on Thursday. It will have to be the bleak hour of 8 am for us. Or bust.

Things in my fishy little world are moving along well. I have plenty of time in the mornings to eat a good breakfast and pack a nice lunch, which is helping me stay healthy and active. I need to dedicate some of my time in the mornings to going on walks again, and seeing how many times I can march around the park. This is all part of the wellness equation. I feel like I was not putting myself first again, and I let my diet go down to basically nothing. My body started eating itself a little, and I got sick there for a few days, but now, I am doing much better. I WILL eat a healthy 3 meals and provide my poor body with the sustenance it so desperately craves. I put a lot of my brain to work every day. It’s only fair that I at least FEED the brain. It needs food.


So I’m doing ok. Adjusting to a new schedule, struggling here and there with sadness. But achieving some form of average.